Dream Further: Nike Advertisement for Women’s FIFA World Cup

It comes as no secret that males mainly dominate the sports industry. Through the years, women have slowly infiltrated the sports arena, with more females being part of previously male-dominated fields. Nike takes it a step further with their FIFA World Cup advertisement.

Even though there is a long way to go for equality for men and women in the sports industry, it comes with great pride that more and more women are now part in previously male-dominated sports sectors such as football. Nike takes it a step further with their advert for the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

Dream Further

The Nike advertisement showcases Makena Cook, a young football player alongside some of the world’s biggest female football player names. Makena is seen to be at the entrance of a football game, visibly nervous, alongside the Netherlands women’s football team, including midfielder Lieke Martens. Before they enter the stadium, Lieke takes Makena’s hand and asks her if she is ready. They then take on the match with Makena shadowing Lieke as she shows off her signature moves.

Football Across the Globe

The advertisement is wittingly edited so that it appears that Makena is traveling the globe in iconic female football matches. She then finds herself caught amid an intense match between England and South Korea as Fran Kirby breezes through, Ji So Yun goes for the goal. Makena is then dragged to a photoshoot with the world-renowned Brazilian football player, Andressa Alves. The pair is seen to be having fun with the photoshoot as they fiercely bite into their shirts and raise their clenched fist. This iconic picture becomes the cover of a football video game reported to be a global bestseller. Makena then comes off the plane with Chinese football superstar Wang Shuang as she stares in awe at the bright red sea of adoring fans welcoming to greet them. The next scene shows Makena with Alex Scott, England’s first woman coach of the Barcelona football team. The short advertisement ends with Makena back in the Netherlands’ entrance versus Nigeria but shakes off her nervousness and takes Lieke’s hand instead asks her if she is ready. The Nike advertisement then ended with the message: “Do not change your dream. Change the world”.

Crowd’s Response

The world’s response to Nike’s advertisement has been overwhelming. Sports fans worldwide responded with positive feedback, with some proclaiming how women are making huge strides in making sure the female gender is represented in previously male-dominated sports such as football. Others also showed support in the do not change your dream, change the world theme where people acknowledged that it would still be a long journey to true equality with men and women in the sports industry, and it is up to everyone to change their mindset that women can be in sports activities or even dominate in their chosen field. Nike’s heart-warming and inspiring message calls for everyone to pursue their chosen career or passion regardless of gender, much like the football dreamer Makena.