How to Choose the Right Group Fitness Class For You

Humans are an interesting species. We’ve evolved to the point where we don’t need to do all that much, so we have to go out of our way to get exercise! Kind of crazy when you think about it.

Because of this, the fitness industry has become so popular, that across 50 states, there are over 100,000 gyms in the US today.

No matter what has changed though, group fitness classes are still the best way to get in shape and stick with an exercise program. The only challenging part is finding the one that works for you. Let’s talk about that!

Types of Group Fitness Classes

Once you’ve decided what your desired goals are from the class, it’s time to choose the style. There are different forms of group fitness classes, and some are becoming more and less popular because of the pandemic. However, many gyms are opening at full capacity again across the US as the pandemic begins to fade.

In-Person Facility

Training at an in-person facility offers you several advantages, regardless of what type of class it is. It offers you a new community to engage with, and the chance to bring friends or family with you.

Meeting new people, engaging with new styles of fitness, and seeing people in person are excellent benefits of in-person classes. However, they aren’t for everybody.

Another huge perk to taking classes in a gym is the equipment they offer. Most classes will have resistance bands, dumbells, boxes, yoga mats, medicine balls, treadmills, and other equipment to keep a good variety on top of regular calisthenics. Most of these classes will be some type of hybrid with cardio and strength training, but it varies depending on the gym.

The downsides include that you often need a gym membership at the facility or a contract plan for the classes. This doesn’t have to be a downside. Some people enjoy having a set schedule that’s already paid for, which encourages them to stick to it. If that works for you and you have reliable transportation to make it to your classes, then by all means!

Online Classes

The main benefit of online classes is that if you have a computer or even a smartphone, you can do these anywhere. You can take these courses in your living room, backyard, while traveling, or even in the break room at work!

This freedom is great for people with a busy schedule or people who travel a lot but still want to stay in shape, or for people who lack the transportation to get to a gym.

This comes with a few downsides, though. Including the fact that you’ll be missing out on some of the social opportunities that would be provided with an in-person class. In fact, studies show that people in group fitness classes adhere to their exercise routines at a rate of over 66%, compared to only 26% in the control group.

Not only that, you won’t have access to the equipment offered by an in-person class.

Outdoor Classes

Another great option for in-person fitness classes. This still provides you with plenty of social opportunities, without the need for purchasing a gym membership!

Outdoor “boot camps” are common in a lot of cities and towns throughout the US, and they are often community-organized, and sometimes even free to participate in! That’s a lot of great perks!

There are also a lot of great benefits to simply taking your workout outside, so that’s something to keep in mind!

The main downside is that these classes often don’t have a lot of equipment, so the exercise types may lack a little in the variety department. However, this varies from class to class.

The good news is that all you need is your body and gravity to get a good workout in, so depending on your goals, this could definitely be the right fit for you!