Injury Update: How Is James Wiseman Now?

James Wiseman is currently the number one draft prospect for 2020. Kerr gave an injury update on Wiseman today, saying that they will have to wait and see how he develops from his current knee injury. This is a big blow for the Memphis Grizzlies who are looking to rebuild after a poor season last year.

Wiseman is a player everyone wants to watch this coming college season as he takes Kentucky by storm once more. He has been out of action since January with a knee injury and it looks like he may be back in time for the beginning of the preseason games. 

Nobody knows for sure whether or not that will be the case as injuries like these can take months rather than weeks to recover from. It’s normally best to take these sort of injuries seriously, but it’s good to see that the star man is finally getting back on his feet.

The baller out of Nashville has done an incredible job over at Kentucky so far. He was injured in January playing against Florida and he has been out ever since. 

There is still no word as to whether or not he will be available for the preseason games, but only time will tell if he recovers quickly enough for this season. 

No one knows what exactly is going through Wiseman’s mind right now as we all hope and pray that he comes back with a vengeance next season. Jim Buss even stated that they do not know how long it will take for him to recover from this injury, but hopefully he turns out to be better than ever once he is back on the court.

This is a tough blow for the Grizzlies, but hopefully they can figure something out if this means that Wiseman will have an even more dominant season next year.