Mammoth Mountain: How It Hones World-class Snowboarders

Mammoth Mountain has revolutionized the development of world-class snowboarders by providing them with unique training experiences that will help them succeed in their sport. The mountain hosts five different training camps each year, two of which are specific to American snowboarders vying for spots on Team USA. 

This gives American athletes an advantage because they train here and nowhere else. Mammoth’s training facilities include a halfpipe, which is made to resemble the shape of those seen in international competitions, as well as replicas of the courses found at the Olympics. 

The mountain also hosts an event called “Mammoth Unbound” each year for 150 elite athletes who compete against one another on a specially-designed course. All of this has allowed Mammoth to produce a number of world-class athletes, including Chloe Kim and Red Gerard who recently took home gold and silver medals, respectively.

Today the snowboarding culture is thriving and prominent among youth and teens around the world. The sport has only recently become popular to the mainstream public, but it has been a part of life for years in one location: Mammoth Mountain located in California’s Eastern Sierra. Since its opening in 1945, Mammoth Mountain has been a major winter sports destination for the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. 

The mountain hosts many activities throughout the year including skiing, riding, hiking, slack lining and cycling. Today the resort is still a favorite location for locals to spend their time enjoying all it has to offer. Mammoth Mountain ski resort is also home to one of the top snowboarding teams in the world: Team R3boot.

In 2001 six friends from Right Side Productions united under the name SnowRiders3 (SnowRiders 3). In 2007 they joined forces with Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort to become Team R3Boot (Team R3Boot) while continuing under their original name as well. With this new combination came a new vision and mission statement: Team R3Boot is an elite production team committed to producing unique, creative content with the support of our sponsors.

An important part of any production company’s success comes down to their clientele and what they produce for them. Right Side Productions/SnowRiders3 works with companies such as Nike 6.0, GoPro, Oakley and Modus Sport Apparel while Team R3Booth continues to create films and videos that tell a story while pushing the limits of snowboarding in unique ways.