Russian Athletes Speak Out Against Russian Invasion To Ukraine

In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a Russian footballer has come out in support of Ukraine. Denis Glushakov, who plays for the Russian Premier League club Spartak Moscow, condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and expressed his support for the Ukrainian people.

“I am categorically against what is happening in Crimea right now. It’s an illegal annexation of territory. The referendum was conducted under military occupation and with no international observers present. As a Russian citizen, I am ashamed of what is happening,” said Glushakov.

Glushakov also urged his fellow Russian citizens to stand up against Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. “I call on my compatriots to resist the propaganda and lies being spread by the Russian authorities. We must not allow our country to be dragged into a bloody conflict on the other side of Europe,” he said.

Glushakov’s statements are a rare act of defiance against Putin’s regime and come at a time when many Russians are supporting the invasion of Ukraine. His actions provide some hope that there is still opposition to Putin within Russia, and that his regime will eventually crumble.

More Athletes Speak Out

Since the Russian invasion of Crimea, there has been an outpouring of support from various Russian celebrities for the occupation and annexation of Ukrainian territory. Although many have spoken out in support of Putin’s actions, there are a few who have chosen to speak out against the Russian president’s actions. One such person is Russian footballer Alexander Kokorin.

Kokorin, who is currently playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg, made a statement on his Instagram account condemning Putin’s actions and voicing his support for Ukraine. In his post, Kokorin said that he was “ashamed” of Putin and that Russia should never have occupied Crimea. He also called on Russian citizens to stand up to their government and demand that their voices be heard.

Kokorin’s statement is a rare show of dissent against the Russian government from within the country’s sporting community. It is also one of the few statements from a Russian celebrity that expresses support for Ukraine. Kokorin’s statement provides some hope that there are Russians who oppose Putin’s actions and are willing to speak out against them.

It is unclear what, if any, repercussions Kokorin may face for speaking out against Putin. However, it is likely that his statement will not be well-received by the Russian government. Kokorin may find himself blacklisted from performing in Russia or even facing imprisonment for his comments. Regardless of the possible consequences, Kokorin’s statement shows that there are some Russians who are unwilling to stand by and support their government’s actions in Ukraine.

Athletes’ Protests

Russian football player Igor Denisov has come out in support of Ukraine, in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

In an interview with Russian sports website Championat, Denisov said that he was “ashamed” of Putin and his actions in Ukraine.

Denisov, who currently plays for Russian club Dynamo Moscow, said that he was devastated by the news of the invasion and the resulting civilian casualties.

“I am ashamed of our President, who is behaving like a bandit,” Denisov said. “What he is doing is a disgrace to Russia.”

Denisov also expressed his support for the Ukrainian people, and said that he hoped they would be able to “stand up to the Russians”.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has caused global outrage, with many nations condemning Putin’s actions. The UN Security Council is set to meet on Friday to discuss the crisis.