Six Best Exercise Workout Routines for Athletes

There are many reasons why people exercise. Some are trying to build muscle, lose weight, or compete in bodybuilding. Another major user of the gym is athletes, as working out continues to become an integral part of any sport. Athletes are always looking for that competitive edge, especially in the off-season. A great way to achieve this is by adopting a workout routine for athletes to get bigger, faster, and stronger. However, working out can also help athletes reduce the risk of injury. To get better in any sport, you must put in the work outside of practice and games, which is why working out is the perfect activity to take on. Below are some of the best exercises for athletes at any level to try.  

  1. Power Cleans

Many athletes are always looking for ways to become more explosive on the field. As such, an excellent athletic exercise is power cleans. This exercise is similar to deadlifts and requires the use of a barbell and weight plates. A power clean movement requires someone to lift the barbell under their shoulders while jumping. Doing this exercise often is a sure way to make any athlete faster.  

  1. Landmines

Another great exercise for any athlete is landmines. This exercise also utilizes a barbell with weights. There are also many different exercises you can perform, such as a two-handed landmine shoulder press, a landmine front squat, a one-arm bent over row landmine row, and more. Any landmine exercise will be an excellent full-body workout for an athlete.  

  1. Box Jumps

In addition to power cleans, another workout routine for athletes to become faster is to perform box jumps. To perform a box jump, one can choose to mount the box by going side to side, up and down, with one leg, or in a variety of other ways. Box jumps are an effective way for athletes to strengthen their lower body and leg muscles. 

  1. Bench Press

The bench press is a staple of working out, and athletes utilize the exercise to become stronger. This workout requires a barbell and a flat bench. Whoever is doing the workout must bring the barbell towards their chest and continue moving in an up and down movement.  

  1. Squats

No matter the sport, athletes rely heavily on their legs; as such, squats are another one of the best exercises for athletes. The two most popular forms of squats are front and back—both of which are useful for athletes. To get the most out of squats, be sure you get to at least a 90-degree angle, look up, and plant your heels onto the ground.   

  1. Burpee

A burpee is an athletic exercise that requires no equipment, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult. All you need to perform a burpee exercise is space. You can perform a burpee exercise in four steps: standing straight up, then moving down on the ground in pushup position, then moving back up, and finally jumping as high as you can with your arms straight up. This is yet another exercise that gives you the benefit of athletic fitness; plus, it’s an excellent exercise to work into circuit training.