Six Powerful Ways to Improve Athletic Performance

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Most athletes think that improving athletic performance is only about practice and training. But this is not true at all times; there are many things you can do to improve your athletic performance with natural methods. Here are six tips you Can do to Improve your Athletic Performance

  1. Improve Performance by Optimizing Vitamin and Mineral Intake

Most athletes don’t eat right, or they simply forget to take the right vitamins and minerals required for their body to function properly. For instance, calcium helps in building strong bones while magnesium helps to relax muscles after strenuous workouts while potassium also keeps the heart vitalised during physical activities. Salmon fish is a great source of vitamin D which helps strengthen bones especially in teenagers suffering from growing pains – an affliction suffered by most young people suffering from hormonal changes during puberty. All these vitamins and minerals play a vital role in keeping your body functioning properly and they also help you to perform better during strenuous workouts by keeping the muscles relaxed and the heart healthy.

  1. Reduce Stress to Improve Athletic Performance

It is normal for an athlete to experience stress but too much of it can cause fatigue, reduce immunity, lower bone density, or even lead to insomnia which will affect his athletic performance drastically. There are ways you can avoid too much stress – find time each day for yourself including meditation, yoga, or mental relaxation exercises. Avoid excess caffeine as it can raise cortisol levels leading to more stress while increasing B complex vitamins every morning helps reduce anxiety levels. Take up regular exercise which has been shown to improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety levels.


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  1. Take a Glutamine Supplement to Increase Athletic Performance

Glutamine is the most important amino acid which helps with muscle growth after strenuous workouts including weightlifting or running as it keeps glycogen stores high in the liver and muscles, causing them to swell as they are filled up with water – a great way of improving athletic performance. This glutamine supplement can also help increase your chances of recovery from injury as it speeds up cell development by increasing protein synthesis within the body.

  1. Improve Athletic Performance by Combining Foods Properly

You must never eat white carbohydrates like simple sugar before any sport activity because they will give you more energy for less time causing you to feel exhausted and fatigued very soon. You should combine white carbohydrates with simple sugar along with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, so the energy levels remain the same for a longer time giving you more stamina during workouts. For instance, eating brown rice or pasta along with proteins like chicken will keep your energy levels high for a longer period of time without causing fatigue or muscle pains after strenuous activities.

  1. Take Creatine to Improve Athletic Performance

Creatine is one of the most important supplements that all athletes must take because it helps them gain body mass by increasing protein synthesis within their body – an essential asset for any athlete who wants to improve athletic performance at any level. It also reduces lactic acid build up which causes muscle cramps – which means you can train longer and harder for faster muscle growth or greater strength.

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  1. Drink Coffee to Improve Athletic Performance

Coffee is a great drink to have before any workout as it contains caffeine which not only helps improve mental focus, concentration levels but also increases energy levels without causing fatigue later on – something that is very essential for every athlete who wants to improve athletic performance at any level. It is even more useful for older athletes because it reduces cholesterol levels leading to better cardio health while stimulating the nervous system, so you are ready to go long hours with little fatigue or discomfort. However, too much of this stimulant will cause insomnia which isn’t good for athletes who want fast results in their workouts; they must try and make do with 1-2 cups daily.