The Many Benefits of Engaging in Sports

Sports are one of the best ways to keep fit. They are also a source of entertainment for many. Different kinds of sports have different benefits to the body, some are good for weight loss while others are good for building muscles. But all sports help in keeping our body fit by increasing endurance and stamina levels. Doing them regularly can give you immense health benefits. 

Taking part in sports can help us feel fitter, healthier, and mentally strong. It can also be fun when played as a team or with friends and family. 

With summer just around the corner, many people are going to start spending more time outdoors – going swimming in the ocean, going camping in nature or playing sports at a local park. Sports can range from football to basketball to hiking up a mountain side – there truly is something for everyone!

Here are the many benefits of engaging in sports.

  • Stronger bones – All types of physical exercise help increase bone density making them less prone to breakage due to age or after menopause in women
  • A longer lifespan – Studies suggest that people who do regular physical activity, such as running or swimming live longer. Women who do 2 hours of moderate physical activity every day add an average of 4.4 years to their lifespan and men add 3.7 years on average
  • A healthy weight – Regular physical exercise helps in maintaining a healthy weight  
  • Better sleep – People who exercise regularly tend to fall asleep faster at night and also get better quality sleep due to the release of certain chemicals in the brain that improve mood and induce sleep
  • Stronger heart – People who exercise regularly have less chance of heart ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.
  • Improved mental health- Sports participation also provides mental health benefits. It helps us feel mentally strong and gives our brain some much needed time to relax and work out any problems we might have been having lately. Playing with friends is not only fun but it lets us strengthen our friendships so that when life inevitably throws challenges at us, we know who to turn to for support.
  • Less pain – Regular physical activity reduces the risk of having chronic pains such as osteoarthritis, low back pain and others.
  • Better social life: Participating in sports helps overcome shyness and increases self-confidence. It also has a positive effect on mental health which makes people more likely to make friends.
  • A higher quality of life – Studies suggest that regular physical activity, such as playing tennis or badminton help increase the overall quality of life. It adds years to your lifespan, improves energy levels and stamina reducing stress 
  • Overall fitness: Different types of sports contribute differently towards overall fitness, for example yoga helps improve flexibility whereas running and swimming builds endurance.
  • A glowing skin – Sports help improve blood circulation, which helps remove toxins from the body including those that can accumulate in facial skin and cause acne. The increase in heart rate during exercise also boosts collagen production leading to brighter, glowing skin.