Where is Lexi Brumback? Cheer Season 2 Update

We are pretty sure that you have binge-watched the second season of Cheer on Netflix. Cheer is a Netflix docuseries that focuses on the life and struggles of cheerleaders – particularly that of the Navarro Cheer team led by the super strict coach Monica Aldama. Season 1 focused on the discipline that the Navarro cheerleaders needed to win Daytona. With this, they have laser-focused on the superstars of Navarro cheer – and one of the crowd favorites is the ultimate tumbler of the team, Lexi Brumback. Fans of the show were surprised that at the end of Season 2, Lexi was no longer part of the team. But Lexi fans were also happily surprised that they saw a familiar tumble at the start of Season 2 – with Lexi being back on the team. Though it seems that this little tumbler keeps jumping on and off Cheer because the second half of season 2 (which zooms into cheer practice during the pandemic), revealed that Lexi was not part of the team anymore with Monica stating: “Lexi is not with the team anymore” and providing no further explanation from that. Here is what we all know about why Lexi suddenly departed from the second half of Cheer Season 2. 

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All About Lexi

Lexi is one of the most elite tumblers of the Navarro Cheerleading team. She was born on January 11, 2000, originally from Houston, Texas. She attended Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, and trained until they won the 2019 Daytona Cheer Championships. After the competition ended, Lexi was kicked out of the team because she made poor choices and got in a fight that landed her in jail. Part of Monica’s rules of becoming a Navarro cheerleader is that their cheerleaders should be disciplined in their conduct and grades – and any deviation means that they would need to be kicked out of the team.

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Immediate Departure in Season 2

While everyone was happily surprised to see Lexi come back for the first half of the second season of Cheer, Lexi was a no-show for the second half of the binge-worthy Netflix series, which focused on the cheerleaders’ life amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The main factor why Lexi could not make the team during Cheer Season 2 was her grades. With the pandemic, she (along with everyone else) was forced to study online. Lexi was diagnosed with ADHD, and the monotony of everyday living without much face-to-face interaction only worsened her symptoms, severely affecting her grades and mental health, forcing her to drop out of the team. She received a phone call from Navarro head coach, Monica, telling her of the news and offering support and words of encouragement for the Navarro cheer dropout. 

Where is Lexi Now?

For Lexi fans, it is good that Lexi is very active in her social media accounts – particularly on Instagram and on YouTube so you can still be updated about what she is doing with her life. Currently, she is focusing on her YouTube Vlog.